What You Need To Know About Semi Permanent Make–Up

 Having tattoos is an art. It is a self-expression of ones interest in art or creativity of oneself. It maybe dirty to look at as you will have to apply it in a specific area in your body, but having them as a permanent art in your body creates a wonderful feeling.

Nowadays tattoos are no longer seen as art for the body but they are already a part of the body. Men mostly do get the tattoos but women nowadays are having tattoos as well. They have theirs on their lips and eyebrows. These are what you call having a permanent or semi-permanent make-up. It is just the same as applying makeup on your face but this time it is already become a permanent thing on your face.

The Truth and Impression

Once you get a semi-permanent make-up in your lips and eyebrow women would no longer worry about their looks. This semi-permanent make-up gives a short period of happiness and some women loves this because this will give them another facial look with another semi-permanent make-up procedure.

Semi-permanent make-up is not the same as the cosmetic tattoo. Cosmetic tattoo usually links to the body tattoos of the olden days. Cosmetic tattoos ink is placed in the layer of the skin and these are already permanent. They may fade for a long period of time in a bluish gray color.  On the other hand semi=permanent make-up is not permanent. This is injected on top of the layer of skin or otherwise known as epidermis. This gets lighter and lighter as it fades away. It fades for only 1-3 years and these depend on the environment and skin metabolism of a person.

This semi-permanent make-up improves and upgrades the look of a woman all the time. Giving darker eyebrows and fuller lips are only some of the benefit of having semi-permanent make-up. To know more about this you can check on jacquilloyd.co.uk



In order to achieve that perfect semi-permanent make-up you need to know about the color, shape and equipment’s that are needed in the procedure. Color is important because this is the first thing that people notices in you. It is important to know the quality of this where it was manufactured and how this was made. Know the equipment used to put-on semi-permanent make-up, this is for your own safety. You should know the kind of equipment and know that these are not recycled and used by the other clients. This is for your safety in health as well. You should know what shape should you go or push through. It should reveal the best features of your face.

If you want to have that fresh face and achieve a youthful glow with and not having to retouch your eyebrows and lips then try to have semi-permanent make up.  You can check on jacquilloyd.co.uk.You will get all the wonderful benefits of having this. Thus it ways saves time in doing make-up and being beautiful has never been easy when you have semi-permanent make-up.