How You Can Get Healthy Now

We all have a friend or relative whom we wish would take better care of themselves. You know, the one that eats too much and does not exercise enough or how about the one that is sleep-deprived and over-stressed?

Yet, if you try to talk to them about their health, they tell you confidently not to worry because the last time they saw the doctor, their blood pressure and lab results were normal.

By the standards outlined by the health care system, they are absent of disease so they are satisfied because their health is considered normal.

Does normal health mean you’re healthy?

That depends on what your definition of health is. Ask around and you will soon find out that the concept of health is fuzzy and means something a little different to each of us.

In the conventional health care system in England, doctors are tasked to provide patients with a standard of care including gym membership in Milton keynes that uses only accepted methods of diagnosis and evidence-based treatments.

Even though we are all biochemically unique, test reference ranges for what is considered normal are set to encompass the vast majority of the population so that a result outside of this range can be quickly identified as a potential indicator of disease and treatment can be administered.

If you feel unwell but your results are normal, then there are limited options that the conventional health care system can offer you. It is a system geared for treating when you are outside of normal.

Being free of disease and that is where conventional health care plays a positive role. Beyond that, you can have dysfunctional health with symptoms such as low energy, pain, weight gain, and difficult digestion yet still test normal and be free of any disease.

Here are five tips to take your health to the next level including joining a leisure centre in Milton keynes:

1. Eat real, whole foods whenever possible: Processed foods not only have less beneficial nutrients but they also have extra sugars, trans fats, MSG, preservatives, and other harmful additives.

2. Only take pharmaceuticals when absolutely necessary and only take the lowest effective dose: Every drug has adverse side-effects and those increase at higher doses.

3. Strive for healthy body composition rather than weight loss: Common chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, snoring, and joint pain can be improved or even completely reversed by reducing body fat percentage while maintaining health lean muscle mass.

4. Have your hormone levels tested: Hormones are critical when it comes to feeling and looking your best, yet levels can drop off significantly after age 40.